The USS Courageous was a Federation Nebula-class starship operated by Starfleet in the 24th century[1].

Service history

In 2366, the Courageous was under the command of Captain Lavelle. In this year, the Courageous and the USS Hood were ordered to the planet Onorrh to intercept the USS Enterprise-D and escort the starship to Starbase 104 where Captain Picard would face an investigation into the destruction of the USS Nairobi[2].

In 2379, the Courageous was commanded by Captain Walia[1]. In an alternate timeline, the Courageous was destroyed by the aftereffects of a time wave, generated by the Borg of the distant future that were attempting to assimilate their own history. Shortly before her destruction, the Courageous received a distress call from the USS Pollux.

This timeline was averted when Captain Picard traveled back in time to 2364 and prevented the assimilation of the unnamed human that was destined to formulate the time wave strategy[1].

The starship class of the Courageous in "The Pay Off!" is not revealed, and is just assumed to be the same Courageous that appeared in "Alien Spotlight: The Borg".

USS Courageous personnel


Notes and references

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