The USS Courageous (NCC-1805) was a Federation Miranda-class starship in service to Starfleet in the 23rd century. In 2285, the Courageous was commanded by Captain March.

Service history

In 2285, the Courageous was orbiting Starbase 13. At this time, Captain March was contacted by Commodore Garrett who ordered the Courageous to track the source of a potential computer breach and detain the suspects involved. The Courageous complied and were soon confronted by a Constitution-class starship and contacted by Captain James T. Kirk requesting help for the badly damaged USS Enterprise.

As the Courageous drew nearer to the Enterprise, the crew detected that the other vessel had raised shields and armed their photon torpedo launchers. March ordered the Courageous's shields raised immediately, but the Enterprise managed to launch two torpedoes in quick succession and took out the ship's shields, destroy one of the warp nacelles and kill half of the crew.

It was later revealed that the attack on the Courageous had been perpetrated by an alternate Captain Kirk and the ISS Enterprise after that had successfully crossed over from the mirror universe. Following the successful attack on the Courageous, the Enterprise was able to attack Starbase 13 without heavy resistance. Fortunately, the Courgaeous was send out a priority one call out to the USS Excelsior and raise the alarm. (TOS: "Double Image")

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