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Cover of the first Vanguard novel, Harbinger

Star Trek: Vanguard is a novel series released byPocket Books from 2005 - 2012. It takes place on a 23rd Century space station known as Starbase 47 aka Vanguard, located in a barely explored region of space known as the Taurus Reach. One of the main missions of the crew of Vanguard is to investigate the Meta Genome, a mysterious, complex genome that is discovered all over the Taurus Reach. The Klingons, Romulans, Tholians, and an ancient mysterious race native to the Taurus Reach all become involved as the series progresses. The series is set at the same time as The Original Series, and some of it's events add new context to certain episodes.


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Commordore Diego Reyes - 1st commander

Admr. Heihachiro Nogura - 2nd Commander

Lt. Cmdr. T'Prynn - Starfleet Intelligence Liason

Dr. Eziel Fisher - Chief Medical Officer

Jetanien - Federation Ambassador

Capt. Rana Desai - Lead JAG officer

Lt. Ming Xiong - Archaeology & anthropology officer

Dr. Carol Marcus - Scientist

Tim Pennington - Journalist

Cervantes Quinn - Trader and captain/owner of the Rocinante

Ganz - Orion Merchant Prince, runs the Omari-Ekon

Neera - Ganz's superior

Zett Nilric - Ganz's assassin

Lugok - Klingon Ambassador

Sesrene - Tholian Ambassador

Ezkene - Member of the Tholian political elite

USS Endeavour

[Capt. Zhao Sheng - 1st Captain

Cmdr./Capt. Atish Khatami -1st First Officer/2nd Captain

Cmdr. Katherine Stano - 2nd First Officer

Ensign Stephen Klisiewics - Science Officer

USS Sagittarius

Capt. Adelard Nassir - Captain

Cmdr. Clark Terrell - First Officer

Lt. Cmdr. Bridget McLellan - Second Officer (?-2267), Starfleet Intelligence operative

Senior Chief Petty Officer Razka - Field Scout

Ensign Vanessa Theriault - Science Officer