Robbie Scott

Robbie Scott (2231)

Robbie Jorgenson Scott[1], also known as Robby[2], was a 23rd century Human male, and younger brother of Montgomery Scott.

In 2231, Robbie accompanied his brother on a late-night expedition to the Linlithgow Shipyards and illegally trespassed aboard a Federation starship. Both of the boys were found by a Starfleet security officer and returned home to their parents[1]

Robbie went on to follow in the long-standing tradition in the Scott family of becoming an engineer. By the 2260s, he had become a rocket engine designer of some note.

Robby settled in the city of Glasgow, Scotland and raised a family of his own. When the USS Enterprise had to return to the repair base on Earth's moon following an encounter with a cosmic storm, Montgomery considered visiting his brother's family during his leave time[2].

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