Doctor Elizabeth Dehner was a Human female serving in Starfleet during the mid-23rd century. A practising psychiatrist, she was assigned to the USS Enterprise in 2265 to study crew reactions under emergency conditions[1][2].

Early life and career

Elizabeth Dehner was born in circa 2240[1][3], in the city of Delman, Newstate. She was the daughter of Gerald Dehner[2].

In the 2260s, Dehner earned a PhD in psychiatry and was the author of a medical thesis on esper-orientated beings, using her own case: the diagnosis and testing of her own abilities[2]. She became aware that she had a better than average esper rating (089)[4] and Duke-Heidelburg quotient (256)[2].

As part of her post-graduate studies in ESP at the Vega IV Institute, Dehner provided the first documented proof that some of the telepathic natives of Vega IV could levitate objects, mentally start fires, and influence local weather[2].

Assignment to the Enterprise

In 2265, Dehner joined the USS Enterprise from the Aldebaron colony on an assignment to study crew reactions in emergency conditions.

Shortly after, the Enterprise was bombarded by intense radiations as the starship attempted to leave the Milky Way Galaxy by crossing the galactic barrier. This radiation mutated Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell into a god-like being[1], although Dr. Dehner noted in her journal that she realized that she was also mutating, albeit at a slower rate to Mitchell. She also noted Mitchell's abilities developed without a sense of responsibility and that he continued to develop an unfavorable view of humanity[2].

Mutated Mitchell and Dehner

The mutated Dehner, with Mitchell.

After the decision to exile Mitchell to the barren world of Delta Vega, he escaped his captivity and took Dehner with him into the Pointed Peaks mountains. It was during the journey that Dehner's powers began to take hold. Sensing that the now god-like Dehner was ready to see how small humanity was, Mitchell sent her to confront the pursuing Captain Kirk. Kirk managed to appeal to a shred of humanity left in Dehner, and she drained Mitchell's powers enough that Kirk was able to kill him, at the cost of her own powers and life-force[2][4][5].

In the after-action log reports, Kirk noted that both officers had died in the line of duty, neither asking for what had happened to them[5].

Following his encounter with the Magnians, a race also affected by the galactic barrier, in 2333, Captain Jean-Luc Picard developed that theory that exposure to the barrier wasn't enough to turn Dehner into a god-like being. He believed that Mitchell had used his powers to enhance hers and force the mutation, simply because he didn't want to live alone[6].

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