Dara Stockton was a Human female who lived in the 24th century. Dara was the mother of Randy Stockton[1].

Aboard the Enterprise

Following the death of her husband, Dara and Randy transferred to the USS Enterprise-D in early 2366. Dara had grown concerned that Randy had become withdrawn since his father's death and hoped that a change in environment would help him over this phase of his grief[2].

While walking down a corridor, Dara and Randy encountered Lieutenant Commander Data and Lieutenant Geordi La Forge. Randy was fascinated to finally meet an android and Dara had to apologize for Data in the rudeness of Randy for pointing him. Data explained that he had no feelings to hurt and offered to become more acquainted with Randy to help him understand, a move that was encouraged by Dara[3].

Over the coming days, Dara allowed Data to play several games of Sharas'di with Randy so that he could come to understand the android. Data was similarly thankful with the opportunity to converse with a Human of his age and claimed that they both had one thing in common: they asked a lot of questions[2].

Some weeks later, Dara asked Commander Data to assist her in finding Randy. She had learned that Randy had been bullied by one of the other children in school, and had fled to the Enterprise's cargo bays. Dara asked if Data would talk to her son as sometimes children did not want to speak to their mother's about these situations[4]. Shortly after, Dara was summoned to sickbay and learned that shortly after she left the cargo bay, a group of Mezartine transported aboard the Enterprise and kidnapped Commander Data. Randy was injured in the assault, but Doctor Beverly Crusher was quickly able to fix his hairline fracture[1].



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