Clara Scott[1] was a 23rd century Human female. She was the daughter of Arlyne Jorgenson Scott and younger sister of Montgomery Scott[1], as well as the mother of Dannan Stuart[2] and Peter Preston[3].

Growing up with her brother, Clara was the only person to refer to him by his future nickname "Scotty". The two formed a strong bond, and Scotty could always trust his sister to tell the truth outright and without embellishments[1].

Going against family tradition, Clara turned her back on engineering and decided to become an artist. She eventually became successful enough to own her own farmhouse in northern Scotland, which included a large studio from which she could produce her art[4].

In 2259, Clara's first child, Dannan Stuart, was born[3]. However, the relationship with Dannan's father did not last. She eventually began a long-term relationship with a Mr. Preston, and the two had a son, Peter[4], who was born in 2271[3]. This relationship too came to and end, when the elder Preston found he could not cope with Clara's artistic temperament, and spoke of departing for a distant colony on the next available ship[4].

Clara and her family suffered a horrific blow in 2285 when her youngest child was killed in action while serving as a trainee engineer aboard the USS Enterprise during its battle against Khan Noonien Singh and the USS Reliant. In the days and weeks that followed, Clara withdrew to the solitude of her studio and buried herself in her work[4].

By the 2290s, Clara had finally married for the first time to a man named Hamish. She and Hamish attempted to find a partner for Scotty following his retirement from Starfleet in 2293, introducing him to many women, mostly widows, over the next year. However, Scotty found that he was unable to connect with any of the women, who just viewed him as "the famous Starfleet officer"[5].

Clara moved to Neu-Stuttgart following the death of Hamish. She later went on to remarry a Doctor Hoffmann and continued to reside in the settlement until her death[1].

Scotty's sister is given the name Kristen in "Bum Radish: Five Spins on a Turquoise Reindeer" and Fran in "Retrospect".

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