Benjamin Sisko (born 2332) was a famous captain in Starfleet. Sisko was assigned to take command of Deep Space 9 in 2369 and became the Emissary of the Prophets to the Bajoran people.[1]

After an eventful seven years in command of DS9, including distinguished service during the Dominion War, Sisko entered the non-linear realm of the Prophets after a fateful encounter with Skrain Dukat in 2375. [2] Sisko returned to linear time in 2376 when his daughter Rebecca Sisko was born but experienced several difficult years after. During the Borg invasion in 2381, Sisko returned to active service and eventually was assigned to command the USS Robinson. A short exploratory mission into the Gamma Quadrant in 2383 was followed up with another in 2385, with this latter mission expected to last two years.[3].


Sisko was born to Joseph Sisko and Sarah Sisko in 2332. Unknown to anyone at the time, Sarah Sisko had been inhabited by a Prophet of the Bajoran wormhole. [4]

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