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Geordi's in deep trouble!

Atlantis Station was the fifth novel in the Star Trek: The Next Generation - Starfleet Academy young adult novel series, written by V.E. Mitchell. Published by Pocket Books, it was released in August 1994.


Geordi LaForge and his fellow cadets are headed to Atlantis Station, the underwater research base located near a volcano in the Atlantic Ocean. Up until now Geordi has spent most of his life in space with his Starfleet officer parents and he is more than ready to explore this strange, new world deep underwater.
The first step for the cadets is the above ground complex on Isla del Fuego, where the students barely escape a small volcanic eruption. They finally arrive at the underwater station shaken and fighting among themselves, but determined to carry out their assignments.
Then suddenly an earthquake rocks the station and the cadets are trapped in their lab with tempers running high. Now, as debris blocks their path back to the aquashuttle, Geordi and the others, together, most race against time and the dangers of the freezing seawater to escape the station before it disappears into an underwater abyss!

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Jes'NDau; Kirk, James T.; La Forge, Ariana; La Forge, Edward M.; La Forge, Silva; T'Loura


Atlantic Ocean; Atlantis Station; Earth; Hawaii; Holloway Base; Isla del Fuego; Isla del Fuego Visitors Center; Neptune's Locker; Olbrecht V; Vulcan; Vulcan's Forge

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cadet; captain; chief engineer; lieuantant; pilot; Starfleet; Starfleet Academy; University of Olbrecht V

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battery; biochemistry; biology; botany; communicator; computer; data chip; ecology; escape pod; geology; gravity; helium; nitrogen; oceanography; oxygen; PADD; rebreather; Richter scale; robot explorer; sensor pad; sulfur; telepresence; VISOR

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Andorian; Hawaiian; Human; Japanese

Starships and vehicles

aquashuttle; shuttle; space station; starbase; training ship


away team; cafeteria; evacuation alert; fish; Introduction to Planetary Exploration; Kobayashi Maru test; magma; moon; Observance of the Flames; samurai; seaweed; ship's log; shuttle pad; sickbay; skinsuit; soup; volcano; Warp Dynamics


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