Arlyne Scott

Arlyne Jorgenson Scott (2231)

Arlyne Jorgenson Scott[1] was a 23rd century Human female of Scottish and Danish descent[2].

By the early 2230s, she resided in the town of Linlithgow[3][4], West Lothian, Scotland, with her husband and three children, Montgomery, Clara[5], and Robbie[3]. She also had a sister, named Ingrid, who resided near the city of Aberdeen[2].

As her children were growing up, Arlyne would tell them bedtime stories about their swashbuckling ancestors and their adventures on their high seas. Montgomery, in particular, was inspired to sail on a vessel, albeit one traveling in space with a warp engine. In 2231, he used this inspiration to trespass on the Linlithgow Shipyards and sneak aboard a starship with his brother Robbie. Arlyne admonished her son and told him that he was "too smart for his own good"[3].

Montgomery regarded his mother to be the best cook in Aberdeen – and indeed Scotland – and put this down to her Danish ancestry[5].

This section contains information from "Bum Radish: Five Spins on a Turquoise Reindeer", which was contradicted by later sources
In December 2231, Arlyne took Montgomery and Kristen to visit her sister, before taking a trip into Aberdeen to do some Christmas shopping and ride on the children's favourite mechanical Santa Claus and reindeer merry-go-round. After taking five goes on the merry-go-round, Montgomery began to feel ill, which drew the attention of a passing man, Doctor David McCoy.

Together they were able to determine that the radishes in Ingrid's traditional Hummer og Grontsagssalat were responsible, and McCoy reassured Arlyne that giving Montgomery some bicarbonate would set the boy right[2].

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