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• 3/22/2017

Are we allowed to copy text from Memory Beta?

Memory Omega was conceived as a version of Memory Beta that specifically focuses on novels and comics and clearly distinguishes contradictory information instead of trying to blend it together, like Memory Beta sometimes does.

Despite this, there are a lot of Memory Beta articles that would fit perfectly on Memory Omega without any changes. Are we allowed to do copy Memory Beta articles or would this be a violation of some licensing law?
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• 3/20/2017

Future releases

I was wondering how you guys think we should handle future releases? I was thinking we could do a separate page for future books and comics, like Memory Alpha and Wookiepedia do.
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• 2/28/2017

Building the Wiki

As the wiki moves into its second month in operation, we've really worked on fleshing out the wiki and worked on establishing a stylistic identity. I want to thank everyone for their contributions, and must give special thanks to DanStyer for tackling the challenge of creating 150+ TOS novel pages.

As we move forward though, I'd like to see your thoughts on how to build up the wiki. At the moment we have small editor pool and I feel that that could be expanded.

Certainly we could work on our connections with the TrekBBS Literature board which I believe most/all of us are from originally. Building connections with Memory Alpha/Beta is a must, although there could be potential problems with Memory Beta, at least from my personal perspective, being a prominent contributor on that wiki for many years and serving as a administrator and bureaucrat.

I'd love to hear all of your ideas.
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• 2/19/2017


As you've hopefully been able to see, I've done a bit of tweaking with the overall look of the wiki using the theme designer. The old grey look wasn't doing it for me, but I'd look forward to hearing your thoughts on what you'd prefer.

As an addendum, if anyone knows anyone who is good at creating logos (or are expert themselves) it'd be great to have a logo for the wiki as well.

Thank you, all. :-)
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• 2/16/2017

Listing of novels - numbered vs. un-numbered

Do we need to make separate lists for the numbered vs. the un-numbered novels? I believe that we should just make one list for each novel series (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, etc) rather than separating out the numbered novels. The numbering convention was done away with 15 years ago and does not contribute anything substantive to the publication order in my mind.
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